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Printable, family-bonding board game

Let me start from the beginning, and explain why this board game is actually a bonding family game and why it’s so special for me and my family.

So two weeks ago, I’ve learned that an average Canadian family spends a total of 14% of their time at home together! Now if you think about it, it’s really not a lot! So Leon’s have conducted a social experiment, and have helped one family track their family time, with Project Smart Furniture! They have got a sofa, that was tracking all family members time spent together! My girls were very intrigued with it, and honestly it got me thinking a lot too.

printable family board game

So first, I really encourage you to watch this video! It’s fascinating how it all worked out! And secondly, I think I have found a solution! I was really trying to think about a way to get a families together more, and it hit me: by playing more together!

Of course, any type of game that makes you spend time together as a family is good, but imagine a game that lets the family bond? That gives everyone an opportunity to talk about how they feel and how they see other family members. And what they love about each and every one. A game that leaves everyone with that felling-good emotion, when you look around and think, yes, this is my place, and these are my people. A game that let’s kid see how parents see them, and parents see how their kids describe them. A game that makes everyone listen when others speak.

So as you know, I studied psychology, and one of my favorite things was group therapy sessions. So this game is based on that principle of a group bonding session.

But what kids will see, is a dice and roll board game, where the winner get’s a doughnut! A game with cute tokens and a Popsicle for the person loosing his tour.

family bonding board game

So here’s what you need:

  • Download and print “Donut you want to win” game. I suggest using thick paper, so the game can last longer!
  • Use duck tape to glue the pages of the board game together. ( If you’d like to make it prettier and thicker, print the last page 2 more times, and glue them at the back of the board game page)
  • Cut out the question cards ( again, if you want them thinker, print the last page 4 more times, and glue it in together with the question page, wait until it dries, and then cut out the questions)
  • Pick out the tokens you like, and cut them out
  • Cut out the doughnut and the Popsicle , and glue them together.
  • Let your kids help you with all the steps!

Free printable board game , a family bonding game!

Family bonding board game

family bonding board game

Family bonding board game

family bonding board game

Now, It’s time to play! Grab the page with rules, and read them aloud. Let everyone choose their token. Prepare a dice. Place the cards on the board, and the doughnut and the Popsicle on their spots. Have fun!

family bonding board game

family bonding board game

family bonding board game

family bonding board game

family bonding board game

family bonding board game

You can add your own questions if you wish! And of-course, helping each other is encouraged!

Seeing my family bonding together, my kids laughing at my hubby’s imitations, and my daughters making up songs about us, makes my heart so happy and full. I hope you’ll feel the same after playing with your family! And it’s funny how it all started with Project Smart Furniture!


disclosure: This post was brought to you by Leon’s, all opinions remain my own.


How I teach my kids tolerance


While me and my family, we live in a big city, in our every day actions we still live mostly in our small circle of family and friends. And they are all a lot like us, white Caucasians celebrating Christmas and Halloween, wearing similar clothing and with pretty similar cultural and educational background.

But the world is much bigger then that. And I wish for my kids not to fear the difference, not to despise other ways of living and never believe people who say, that anyone who’s different then us, is our enemy.

I hope they’ll love exploring the world with an open mind and a big heart. 

But then again, as I said, our little circle is quite homogenic. And we all feel best when surrounded by people who think alike and act alike ( even while eating some east Indian take out). So teaching my kids about different ways of living and thinking is not that easy.

Luckily, there’s one thing that I’m happy worked out for my family and that helps me here: my kids part-time daycare.

My girls go here three times a week. And their friends are all different, with different cultural and religious backgrounds. Some speak French at home, some English, some Spanish and some Arabic. And the lovely ladies who take care of my daughters, are Muslim with their hair covered. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

By spending their days with them, they live the diversity and tolerance.

And they don’t even see the difference between our neighbor who wears high heels and very short dresses, and their day care educator dressed in a long sleeve and covering their hair. And I believe there’s none. These two women have chosen to dress according to the expectations of their circle of important people and values they where thought as kids. And according to what they believe they should do, in order to fit in to their culture’s norms. One believes she should be modest, and one believes she should be sexy. Both want to fit in the expectations of their family and friends. And I can look beyond that, and be friends with both, and that’s what I hope to be teaching my kids to do. 

I explain them, that even me I do things I don’t really like, only because in my culture as a women I’m expect to be doing these things: I shave my legs. I wear a bra. Sometimes even high heels, if I want to look elegant and well dressed. This is our cultural code. Of course, in our society I have a certain freedom and choice. ( That I hope my daughters will feel they have too, and who knows, maybe they won’t do thing as I do).  But there’s cultural pressure. My neighbor, she goes a notch higher : she does her hair every day, has fake eye lashes and had two plastic surgeries. And my daughter’s daycare educator covers her hair and never wears shorts. I don’t think we’re that different. In the end we are all women who want to be accepted. Who like to laugh. Who like kids and chatting about our favorite TV series. So I always try to show to my girls how similar people are in many ways. Even if they seem different.

And I hope my kids will learn to be tolerant and to see beyond these first-impression-differences. And that they’ll understand that we are all so similar.

So what I tell my daughters, is that we are all expected to look and behave in a certain way, and that depending from family, city or country, these expectations will be different. That as kids we learn to like certain flavors, places and even music, and that how we act is a result of where and how we grew. But we should always look beyond that, and see the real person.

how I teach my kids tolerance

And so here’s how I try to teach my kids tolerance:

  •  We read books about children from different cultural backgrounds.  Book that talk about being different then others, and abut embracing differences. Books that encourage finding your way and accepting others.
  • I try to get my kids in situations where not everyone is the same and different cultures mix together ( Like our multicultural daycare.  But it could be a camp, a day camp, a library activity or a festival. )
  • We try to travel to place where people live in a different way then we do. ( though not as often as I’d like, I’ll admit )
  • I explain them how in the end we are all the same: we want to be accepted, we want to have a loving family and nice neighbors!
  • I teach them about their own couture and traditions without undermining others.

I really believe that tolerant kids are happier, and that in the future these kids will be able help their communities better. And that in the end, we are all very alike.

Can you afford a spring adventure?

spring adventure

I believe the beginning of spring is the time for adventure, exploring new places, and leaving the coziness of home. It’s the time for discovering the outdoors once again, enjoying the fresh air, and reconnecting with nature! Except that in Canada, spring comes late and often teases everyone for a couple of weeks with sunshine, and then it snows on repeat. And when you have young, growing kids, spring is also the time to shop for new clothes!

Most of you know I’m very budget-conscious, but what you may not know is that I’m also a sucker for soft cotton and sweet prints. And my kids will wear anything as long as it’s girly, comfortable, and easy for them play and run around in.

So in effort to enjoy the first few spring days, we went to the Montreal Botanical Garden. It was a perfect day for the girls to also try on new dresses from Giant Tiger. The dresses are soft, cute, with fun prints and in my daughter’s favorite colours! And hear me out mamas: for five dollars each! This spring shopping left me with extra money to go out afterwards on a small adventure with my kids! At these very affordable prices I don’t feel like I spent too much on new clothes that now we should just stay home and stop using credit cards!

Je crois que le début du printemps est un bon temps pour partir à l’aventure. C’est le temps pour finalement quitter la maison et redécouvrir les journées de plein-air et de soleil. Mais ici au Canada, le printemps a l’habitude d’être un peu coquin. Il nous donne quelques journées de soleil puis nous surprend avec une dernière tempête de neige!

Et comme les enfants grandissent toujours un peu trop vite, le printemps est aussi l’occasion de magasiner de nouveaux vêtements! Je fais de gros efforts pour être économe, mais je craque toujours pour les designs mignons et les cotons tout doux. Et mes filles, elles aimes tout ce qui est confortable et mignon.

Alors pour avoir une avant-goût du printemps, même ici à Montréal, on a décidé de visiter les serres du Jardin Botanique. C’était une occasion parfaite pour essayer les nouvelles robes printanières de Tigre Géant! Elles sont confortables et adorables. Et en plus, et c’est vraiment génial, elles coutent 5$ chaque!

spring kids fashon

spring kids fashon

spring kids fashon

spring kids fashon

spring adventure

And while some adventures inspire you more than others, the funny thing about kids is that you never know what will strike their imagination the most. Next day, after my daughters ran around the cacti and palm trees in the Botanical Garden, they kept telling me how they loved these big plants. So I made a little cactus colouring page for them, and they ended up spending all morning on it! If you’d like to print it for your kids, you can download a free printable version by clicking here .

Alors, après notre visite au Jardin Botanique, je me suis rendu compte que les enfants sont vraiment imprévisibles. On ne sait jamais ce qui va les marquer et nourrir leur imagination. Eh bien mes filles ont adoré les cactus. Alors je leur ai préparé une page à colorier pleine de cactus (et vous pouvez la sauvegarder et l’imprimer pour vos enfants).

free printable Cactus coloring page

Also, can you tell how happy they were to be wearing new spring dresses? These two sweet and girly dresses are also from Giant Tiger,and for only five dollars each!

Et bien sûr, elles ont voulu porter leur deux autres nouvelles robes Tigre Géant. Voyez-vous combien elles sont contentes de les porter? Et ces robes sont aussi 5$ chacune.

spring kids fashon

spring kids fashon

And if you’d like a little inspiration on how to style them for special occasions, a hair bow and some little girl jewelry would be just enough to transform these cute spring dresses!

Et si vous voulez des suggestions pour savoir comment les porter, je pense qu’une petite boucle, avec un collier pour enfant seraient parfaits pour transformer ces robes de tous les jours en robe d’occasion spéciale.

kids spring fashion

Now, with these prices, everyone can afford a spring adventure! And so, where will you go?

Bref, avec du magasinage à ce prix, tout le monde peut s’offrir une aventure pour le retour du printemps. Et vous, où voulez-vous aller?

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Giant Tiger, all opinion remain my own.

Feeling better from the inside out

Probiotics for the win

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”

― William Shakespeare

Centuries have passed and this quote is as accurate as ever before! And in our busy modern lifestyle, being a gardener to our inner garden is one of our biggest daily challenges!
Because while we try to take care of our body and our mind, it’s never really easy to find time for self-care. We may try to exercise and eat healthy, moisture our skin, and nourish our soul. But none of that will really work in our benefit if we forget about our inner garden: our gut and it’s unique bacterial flora. With the processed food surrounding us and with our sterile environment, there’s less and less good bacteria in our diet and in everyday life. And newest research shows that the right bacteria can help us with our digestive health, boost our immunity, our skin, and even mood!

Probiotics for the win

So while each of us has its own highly diverse ecosystem – the intestinal flora – most of us don’t know that we have less diversity in it then we should! And that in order to flourish it needs a balanced biodiversity!

So even though I’m still figuring out the balance of self-care while caring for my crazy little family, I did make some changes that help me feel better. I drink more water starting from the morning. I take try to slow down a bit, and go outside daily. And I start everyday with my probiotic!

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

Probiotics for the win

And I chose Advanced Gut Health Probiotic 15 billion CFU daily care because they have the highest strain count, targeted delivery and their shelf stable blister pack ( meaning that they don’t need to be refrigerated!) . Also, the friendly bacteria that are in these advanced health probiotic don’t simply add 15 bacterium for the short period of time: they actually allow other depending on them bacteria to flourish! Plus, they are non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan and soy free, so basically everyone can take them!

So now, even when my mornings are always busy and my kids seem to always want something from me (like another chocolate chip muffin, a different color of a cup or a batch of home-made play-dough before breakfast! ) I try to remember about my body and my self-care too. So I teach them to drink water with me, and I take my Advanced Gut Health Probiotic.

Probiotics for the win

If you’d like to try them too, and start to feel better from the inside out, you can find them in your local health food retailer and here online . I’m sure your inner garden will thank you!

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Genuine Health, all opinions remain my own.

Chicken zaatar pizza

Chicken zaatar pizza

Recently I have been obsessed with zaatar! I’ve been adding it almost everywhere, and ended up discovering the most delicious Chicken zaatar pizza ever! And believe me, it’s not an exaggeration!

And if you still don’t know zaatar, then all you need to know is that it’s a middle eastern herb blend made of dried thyme mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt and sometimes other herbs. You can sprinkle it on cream cheese, or mix with olive oil and dip fresh bread in it. Or you can use to make one of the most amazing pizzas out there!

Also, if you’ll use pita bread instead of a pizza dough, then not only you’ll save yourself time, but also you’ll end up with a super thin and delicious home-made pizza!

And I really encourage you to try all sorts of toppings with zaatar, and to spurge on real Parmesan cheese, as surprisingly it works amazingly well together!

Though this chicken zaatar pizza, is by far my favorite !

Chicken zaatar pizza

Chicken zaatar pizza

Chicken zaatar pizza

What you’ll need:

– Large pita bread
– 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
– 1/3 cup zaatar

– 1/2 cup grilled chicken cut in stripes
– 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
– 1/4 cup Parmesan ( or cheddar)
– 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half’s
– 1/2 cup mushrooms cut in half’s

– Labneh cheese (optional)

In a small bowl mix extra virgin olive oil with as much zaatar as you need to make a paste ( around 1/3 cup) . Spread it evenly over your pita bread. Add chicken, cherry tomatoes and cover with cheese. Broil in the oven for around 5 minutes ( or until the cheese has melt and the chicken is warm). Add a bit of labneh to serve ( optional) . Enjoy!

Chicken zaatar pizza

Chicken zaatar pizza

Chicken zaatar pizza

You can also try a ham and three cheese option( Mozzarella Parmesan and Cheddar) , a vegetarian option where instead of chicken you’ll add lots mushrooms, or a grilled veggie one! Believe me, they are all amazing with zaatar!

Everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

I believe in the beauty of the simple everyday moments. I really think that instead of searching for happiness far away, sometimes we just need to look around us with gratitude. And while life is full of ups and downs, and my life with young kids is definitively far from picture perfect, our happiness is right here, in the everyday simple moments.

It’s about time spent with family and friends. It’s about nurturing your senses with colors and textures. It’s about choosing the right glass, and changing your mind three times. It’s having a three year old cook-in-training,  following your steps wherever you go, and washing your herbs with the biggest commitment ever seen. My everyday moments of happiness are about simple, real ingredients and discovering new tastes. It’s my afternoon tea with a friend during a play date – while the kids have their tea time with dolls. And it’s listing to their giggles taking over the house.

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

everyday moments of happiness

And this Pure Leaf Peach Tea is perfect for those exact moments. It’s a bit sweet but not too sweet. It’s peachy and refreshing. Made from simple ingredients, and brewed with real tea leaves. And it’s finally available in the large 1.75 L bottle, perfect to share with friends and family!  And If you ask me, I think it’s simply amazing served with some fresh mint and mixed berries!

All you need to make it at home is;

– Peach Pure Leaf Tea

– Fresh mint

– Frozen mixed berries

Wash mint leaves, place frozen berries, mint and ice cubes in the glass, and pour over the Pure Leaf Peach tea. And share it with a friend or two!

everyday moments of happiness

So next time when you’ll feel like all you do is rush and stress, try slowing down a little, remind yourself what is it that you’re grateful for today, and have some tea. I’m sure you’ll feel better and happier right away!

Disclaimer: this post was brought to you by Pure Leaf, all opinions remain my own.

Easy matcha brownies

easy and delicious, matcha brownies that are too good not to share!

I’m a huge fan of brownies, and I think there’s nothing better for warming up on the cold winter day, then indulging a little in a chocolaty and comforting brownie slice, accompanied by your favorite hot mug of tea. And recently I discovered matcha green tea, with its distinctive taste and amazing health benefits. So it’s only logical that I have decided to put these two flavors together!

And if you don’t know matcha tea yet, then all you need to know is that its a finely grounded powder of specially grown and processed tea, that is high in antioxidants, enhances calm, boosts memory and concentration and fortifies the immune system! Now, I think this is enough reasons to try it, am I right?

So, this is rather an adult type of cake, with its slightly bitter matcha taste. Though one of my daughters still loved it, and actually was fascinated by its green color! But other one of my daughters not so much .. So I guess it’s best to make it for your adult friends, and not necessary for your kid’s birthday party!

matcha brownies

matcha brownies, easy and so yummy!!

All you need:

– 1/2 cup canola oil
– 1 cup sugar
– 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
– 3 eggs ( separated yolks from whites)
– 2/3 cup flour
– 1 cup dark chocolate chips ( melted)

– matcha green tea

Beat up the egg whites in a mixer, and set aside.

In a standing mixer combine together sugar, oil, vanilla essence and egg yolks. Add melted chocolate and then add flour. Once it’s all well blended, add slowly egg whites.

Pour on a prepared baking sheet, and bake on 350F for around 20-25 minutes. Don’t over bake!

Let your brownie cool down completely, and then dust them with matcha green tea. Don’t use too much of it though, as it can be too bitter!

matcha brownies, so yummy and easy !

Enjoy with a big mug of hot tea and a couple of good friends!

DIY calligraphy coffee mug

DIY calligraphy coffee mug

“All you need is love and a cup of coffee”

Are you a coffee lover like I am? Would you like to have a new coffee mug every month? I know I do! And with each season kicking in, I automatically feel the need for an adequate and new coffee mug. I’d love to have a different mug for a different state of mind, like the ” Hello gorgeous” and “Great things will happen” mugs for the days when I need encouragement, and the “Nope” for the days when I need to send out a clear message to the universe. Also, let’s not forget the monogrammed mugs, as they make for a great littlle gifts!

And with mothers day arunf the corner, I’m sure you started thinking about diy gift ideas, didn’t you?

So with a clear addiction to pretty mugs I needed to find a way to save my budget from this craziness. And here’s where the DIY sharpie coffee mug saves the day! They are really easy to make, and the possibilities are simply endless!

easy calligraphy style diy coffee mug

So I have made the “Hello”, “Bonjour” and a monogram “M” coffee mugs as gifts for my mom and my sweet friends, and a “#bosslady” and “sip” for me. Here’s how:

What you’ll need:

– white mug
– sharpie
– paper

For a more natural feel of your handwriting, try writing down your word on a paper a couple of times first. That way once you’ll start tracing on a mug, your hand will be more steady.

After writing down your word , try tracing it over to give it a more calligraphy-like feel. In real calligraphy the letters are a bit thicker on one side, so you can try imitating that.







So for my self, I wanted one mug with the bosslady hashtag on one side, and a set of closed eyelashes on the other side: seriously, closed eyelashes are the easiest to paint even if you have zero artistic skills! And my second mug got a “sip” on one side and ” coffee” on the other one.

Once you’re done, leave your mugs to dry for 24 hours. I know it seems like a long time, especially they feel dry almost right away, but that’ll make them more resistant after baking.

Bake them at 300F, for 30 minutes. After that time turn the oven off, but leave your mugs in the oven so they cool down gradually.

Don’t ever put them in the dishwasher, as that will wash down the sharpie. Wash them just like a delicate porcelain, by hand, and they’ll last that way!


diy calligraphy coffee mug

So, do you know what will you write on your mug?

Let go of the parenting guilt

let go of the parenting guilt: free worksheets to help you understand, let go and forgive yourself!

“Guilt is to the spirit, what pain is to the body” – Elder David A. Bednar

Parenting guilt is not a helpful feeling, it makes us feel physically heavy and it clouds our thinking. And in reality it doesn’t really shape us to be the better version of ourselves! So why do so many of us struggle with it daily?

The reasons may vary from one person to another, but for sure the society standards of a perfect parent (especially a perfect mother) are a part of it. Then there are our own personal standards. Some mothers feel not good enough when they don’t play with their kids daily, and others feel guilty when they go to work. Some when they raise their voice and get impatient, or when they don’t cook healthy meals everyday. There’s probably as many reasons as parents, but they all make us feel not good enough and guilty.

I wrote about parenting guilt here, where I shared more about how I live with this feeling and how I try to deal with it.

And today I have a tool to help you let go of it! These free printable worksheets are designed for all moms who struggle with this feeling of guilt, and who wish to finally let go of it and move forward!

let go of the parenting guilt: free worksheets to help you understand, let go and forgive yourself!

let go of the parenting guilt: free worksheets to help you understand, let go and forgive yourself!

You can get the “Let go of the parenting guilt” worksheets here! Just download the file and print at home. Find a calm spot  as much as I know it’s difficult to do around kids!), get yourself a mug of a hot coffee or a glass of vine, and fill them out with your first thoughts and ideas.

These worksheets are designed for your use only, but if you feel that your friend might need a little help, print one set for her too!

And you can read more about guilt and it’s effect on our body and mind here here

Valentine’s day ideas that you can really make with your kids

Valentine's day ideas that you can really make with your kids: toddlers and preschoolers! Easy a valentine,s card tutorial and other doable ideas! ,

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and it means that Pinterest is flooded with cute and perfect ideas to keep everyone occupied! If you’re single, you might be organizing a Galentine party, if you’re dating it’s time for a super romantic get-together, and if you’re a mom it means that you’ll be cutting out heart-shaped sandwiches, filling in your kids cards and baking complicated desserts all nigh long!

Or, we can just take it easy.

So while I really want my kids to feel special, and to enjoy the change of the seasons with their distinctive holidays, I thing it’s important to plan activities that they can actually make on their own!

And so these here, are three doable, easy and fun ideas that you can really make at home with toddlers and preschoolers alike:

1. Easy DIY Valentine’s day card

2. Home made Valentine’s day play-dough hearts

3. Simple Valentines day brownie bites

We have actually made all of these more than once, and here is how:

The DIY Valentine’s day card:

Every year we make our own cards (you can see the evolution of our ideas here and here!) This one is equally simple as fun, it leaves space inside for some sweet wishes (or scribbles!) and can be made with pre-cut by mom pieces, or made from start to finish by a bigger kid.

What you’ll need:

– Black pink and purple crafting paper
– Scissors and glue
– Glitter

Cut two long rectangles out of the black crafting paper, and fold them in two, so you have two little square booklets. Cut out 2 different sizes of hearts in two different colors ( I suggest purple and pink) and leave the smaller cut out paper aside (to glue it inside of the card) Let your bigger kid cut hearts out, and prepare it all for the toddler. Glue the bigger heart on the first page, then glue the smaller one on top and decorate with glitter. Inside glue the cut out rectangle with a heart-shaped hole, and write in your wishes on the empty side! ( Or let your toddler scribble something they think looks like a sweet note!) Here’s how my daughters did it:

Valentines days ideas to do with kids, that they can actually make alone!

Valentine's day ideas : easy DIY card that your kids can really make!

Valentine's day ideas

Valentine's day ideas

Valentine’s day home-made play dough:

This is the activity that Lili wants to make every year! Some years we would just play with it as with any other play dough. And some years we would make garlands. Here’s the recipe for my simple salt dough, perfect for cutting out hearts!

And here’s what we did this year: a dough without salt, so it would feel more like a real baking dough, and we pretended to be baking pink cakes for dolls with it!

Play dough that feels like a real dough:

– 1 cup flour
– 1 cup cornstarch
– 1/4 cup warm water
– 1/4 cup oil
– pink food colorant ( or some beet juice)

Mix it all well, if the dough is too sticky, add flour, if it’s too dry, add water and oil. For more sensory fun, you can add some dry pasta like we did!

Valentine's day ideas

easy Valentine's day craft ideas for kids

Valentine's day ideas

This dough keeps well in the fridge for 2 -3 days. Lili wanted to make some hearts and give them as her tokens of love, so we made these and baked just as you would bake any other cookie.

Valentine’s day brownie bites with cream cheese frosting:

Now this is so yummy and looks so festive, while being really simple.
Of course I encourage you to make your own brownies ( you can even find an amazing healthy version here) but you can also use a brownie box mix just like we did!

easy Valentine's day ideas that you can acctuale make: like these cute brownie bites!

What you’ll need:

– baked brownies
– heart shaped cookie cutters
– 1 cup cream cheese
– 1/2 cup icing sugar
– pink food colorant (or beet juice!)

Bake your brownies. Wait a bit until they cool down, and cut out hearts: we found that in order for them not to break it’s best to cut out bigger rectangular pieces, and then cut out the hearts:

Valentine's day ideas

Valentine's day ideas for kids activities

Now prepare your cheese cream frosting ( combine everything in a kitchen-aid mixer and mix well for around a minute) and decorate your brownie bites!

simple valentine's day dessert: brownie bites with cream cheese frosting!

easy to make Valentine's day brownie bites with cheese cream frosting!

Wishing you all a lovely and uncomplicated Valentine’s day!

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