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I’m not just ready yet to start decorating for Christmas, but I do feel ready for a little bit of a change. With the colder and shorter days we’re more at home, and so I feel it’s crucial for our homes to be as inviting now as possible. Ans the easiest way to do so, is of-course by changing prints and pillows! I was looking for a perfect modern free printable prints on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find nothing that was both colorful and modern. And this time of a year I really do need more color in my life! Oh, and also wanted them to be free. So I made my own , good vibes prints to print at home!

I wanted something positive for my living room, with different shades of blue and a hint of purple. I really feel the best when my living space has a bit of blue in it, as it’s the calming and relaxing color! So I took out my watercolors and painted the background, mixing the blue with purple for that paunch of color.

I know I’ll be decorating for Xmas in two weeks, but meanwhile, that punch of color makes me smile! Because sometimes, the best way to fight against the colder and darker days is by adding a bit more color to your home! It may nor make the days longer or sunnier, but for sure it helps your home looking cheerful and inviting!

You can choose between : “GOOD VIBES ONLY” and “Your vibe attracts your tribe”

good vibes prints

good vibes prints

Free printables to print at home, for easy and cheap decoration!

free to print at home good vibes prints , an easy change of decor!

good vibes prints

easy ways to decorate your living room, and on a bugdet too1 best tip: use free printables! like these here!

good vibes prints

So If you’d like to print any of these for yourself, just download them and print on a good quality thick paper!

Click here to download “GOOD VIBES ONLY”.

Click here to download “Your vibe attracts your tribe”.

I hope these print’s will make your space feel more bright and inviting too!

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