The best ice cream I ever had in my entire life and only three ingredients so needed!

If you like raspberries and if you like ice cream, then I assure you that this is the desert of your dreams! It’s amazing! And it’s so easy to make that my four-year old daughter Lili can show you how to do it! Also, it’s a no-churn recipe, so it basically means that you don’t have to buy ice cream ever again!

And the best part? It’s delicious, and so versatile! If you want, you can replace raspberries with chocolate, or strawberries, or bananas, or whatever it is that you like in your ice cream!

Three ingredient raspberry ice cream

What you’ll need:

1 cup whipping cream
1 can condensed milk
2 cups raspberries

It’s as easy as smashing, mixing and freezing, so allow me to introduce you Lili, making ice cream for us:

Start by smashing the raspberries:

Three ingredient raspberry ice cream

Mix them with the condensed milk:

Three ingredient raspberry ice cream

Whip the cream and mix it up with the rest:

Three ingredient raspberry ice cream

Mix it all together, add some more raspberries on top and restrain yourself from eating it all now! Freeze overnight, and voila, the easiest, most delicious ice cream ever!

Three ingredient raspberry ice cream

I know I’ll be experimenting with more textures and flavors, but for now, excuse me while I’ll devour my portion!

Amazing, no-churn , 3 ingredient raspberry ice cream that you'll want to make all the time!

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