Etsy store worth knowing!
Etsy store worth knowing!

When I found out that my favourite family photographer was opening his Etsy shop I got so thrilled that I decided I need to introduce his work to all of you as well!

His work as a family/wedding photographer is absolutely stunning, and I know, because I had 2 family sessions with him already. One when I was heavily pregnant, and his photos made me look pretty and sexy ( crazy, I know). And the second time when we were already a family of four. Actually, I still use some of his beautiful photos as illustrations for my parenting posts (but let’s keep that a secret 😉 ).

So his freshly opened Etsy store is full of hipster style photo prints, some inspired by city life, others making you dream about wanderlust. His work is so divers, that I felt like really getting to know the story behind Simons photography passion! And luckily for you, here it is 🙂 :

Where do you live and create?
I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada and try to create everywhere. Since September, I work as a full time freelance photographer! Right now, I live in a small apartment with my yarn loving and crocheting girlfriend. (take a look at Mamie Urbaine on Etsy!) We’re moving in a bigger home at the beginning of April to have a work station for each of us. I’ll be able to have my own studio at home. I’ll have my own working office, perfect for setting the mood into a creative mojo! I’m already searching for something inspiring!


Why did you start ?
In 2010, I bought my first reflex camera. Then, I WAS DOOMED. Everything became inspiration. I’ve done so many pictures of so many moments. I now have more than 150000 pictures in my computer! I’ve always been captivated by every little details. I live with an attention deficit disorder and with Hyperactivity. When you live with this diagnostic, you are naturally stimulated by almost everything you sense. I could say that I am more hypersensitive than hyperactive! This art makes the best of my condition. I’ve always been a positive guy, so why not celebrating my difference by seeing the good stuff in me more than the bad! So I’d say that photography is an extension of what I need as a person and I’m really glad that at 27 I’ve found what drives me in this world!


What inspires you ?
I’m touched by the relation humans have with their environment. I’ve always been captivated by everything around me. I grew up in a family where taking the time to look at things that surrounded us was important. I think photography brings to people the essence of any given moment. Taking pictures is my way to freeze time. I could say that my inspirations are some kind of nemesis. I enjoy so much being astounded by the power of a big city like New York, but I also find myself delighted by the loneliness in nature. I’m a nostalgic person and little details get me. I’ve always been inspired by the vintage photographies like the Life magazine, old jazz portraits and everything colorful.

Mariage 73472

What do you love about photographing?
I always find something interesting around and try to express what my mind says to my
eyes. Places fulfill me with their infinite possibilities. My first work has been on Rusty stuff! You know, in Québec with our rough winter, we see rust on almost everything. Love and beauty is in the details. I now work on a big project on the subway of Montréal! Coming in 2015, an EXPO! 🙂

And if you feel like you’d like to see more of his work, make sure to check out his Etsy store. You can use the code LAZYMOM for extra 25% off until the 12 of April!

Meet Simon:
I’m a REALLY passionate guy whose dream is to live from his art. I really love doing weddings, maternity and family shoots, but I don’t want my camera to be only a working tool. A camera is also a way to express myself! Since January, I launched my ETSY Shop and I dream of the day that I’ll be able to live from it!
You can find me here :

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