Pomegranate & whipped ricotta parfait

The seson for pomegranates is on, and what a better way to enjoy this amazing fruit than by making my super easy pomegranate & whipped ricotta parfait ? I know, you must be thinking that I got payed by a ricotta lobby, to present one recipe after another, but unfortunately I wasn’t ;). I just love this creamy and rich cheese that whipped with a bit of cream and sugar becomes a fluffy incarnation of heaven!

And the best part is that this recipie is perfect for cooking with kids! They can crush the cookies, pour the whipped ricotta in to glasses and add pomegranate seeds. If they won’t eat the half of it :).

What you’ll need:

Graham crackers

1 cup ricotta cheese
1 cup whipping cream
1/4 cup sugar ( or a bit more)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Pomegranate & whipped ricotta parfait

Start by whipping the cream with sugar, then when it’s whipped add ricotta cheese and vanilla extract and mix it well. When it’s all nice and fluffy, put it in a bowl. Open the pomegranate : I suggest doing it in a bowl of water, that way all the seeds will stay on top, and you’ll avoid a huge mess!

Pomegranate & whipped ricotta parfait

Now let your little helper put it all together. Crush the graham crackers in to pieces, put them on the bottom of a small glass, add the whipped ricotta, pomegranate seeds, some more graham crackers and more whipped ricotta.

Pomegranate & whipped ricotta parfait

Eat it fresh, because the pomegranate doesn’t stay fresh long once open!

Pomegranate & whipped ricotta parfait

It’s so easy to make, but it will definitively impress everyone during this holiday season!

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