• Double standards in parenting

    Double standards in parenting: moms versus dads.

    Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? The double parenting standards, moms versus dads comparisons and the social expectations. Lately, while talking with my mom friends, we often get back on the same topic; the struggle of working/caring for our kids and the distribution of responsibilities with our spouses. Now, before I […] Read more…

  • when you fail at motherhood

    When we fail in motherhood

    Some days we make magic happen: we cuddle our kids, soothe their boo-boos, listen and encourage them. We smile at their silliness and we calmly respond to their demands. Some days you and me, we are simply best moms on earth. But then there are days, when we fail completely and miserably in mothering . […] Read more…


  • start your mindful blog now- free workbook for bloggers influencers and creatives

    Start your mindful blog now

    It’s been over four years now that I started blogging: at first it was way to get out of melancholy. Then it turned in to hobby, and later to in to a creative job. It’s a way to share my passions, ideas and thoughts. And it’s been over two years now that I started partnering […] Read more…

  • embrace the mess

    Embrace the mess

    Motherhood is full of the mess. It’s learning that things don’t go as planned. It’s realizing that the only control in life we have is over our own reactions, and nothing else. It’s realizing that we can’t control our kids or force them to do anything they really don’t want to do. It’s learning to […] Read more…


  • crisp air adventures ideas for your next cooler beach day with kids!

    Crisp air adventures with kids

    I believe that childhood is for exploring the world, enjoying the outside and breathing in fresh air, whenever it’s possible. And in our Canadian climate this means embracing the cooler weather more often and making the most of it! And so crisp air adventures are what we usually do!  This summer, me and my family […] Read more…

  • Ballerina skirt

    Why you need a ballerina skirt

    Since I became a mom I changed my outlook on a lot of things including my body. I understood how truly a amazing our bodied are, and how unimportant are the societies standards of beauty. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that instead of trying to fit my body in to a mold […] Read more…


  • makeover moodboard

    Makeover sneak peek

    I couldn’t be more exited about the changes coming together here at out small city cottage! As you all know, I love improving out tiny home and making it more cozy, practical and comfortable, and so I have partnered up with Leon’s furniture again this year for a two exiting makeovers! Firstly, our small playroom […] Read more…

  • Free kitchen printable

    Kitchen print to print at home

    If you follow me for a while now then you know that I just love styling and redecorating my home! So no surprise, I’m working on two secret makeovers now, and one of them involves my kitchen! I won’t tell you any more for now, but I will share with you my new print that […] Read more…


  • This apple & peach compote is just amazing served as a parfait and soo good on toast too! And it's so easy to make!

    Apple & peach chunky compote

    Every year, as soon as the days start feeling as bit chillier and the fall starts peaking inn, we go apple picking with the family! And every year we end up with way too many apples! So this year, I decided to make something more than just a cake, something that I could pop in […] Read more…

  • he best mango no churn ice cream

    No churn mango ice cream

    Clearly I’m obsessed with home made ice cream, there’s no doubt about that! Summer days are just better with ice cream around. And there’s no doubt that these mango no churn ice cream are so much better then the store bought one! I remember the very first time I tried mango ice cream in the […] Read more…


  • Chicken zaatar pizza

    Chicken zaatar pizza

    Recently I have been obsessed with zaatar! I’ve been adding it almost everywhere, and ended up discovering the most delicious Chicken zaatar pizza ever! And believe me, it’s not an exaggeration! And if you still don’t know zaatar, then all you need to know is that it’s a middle eastern herb blend made of dried […] Read more…

  • This hearty shakshuka is a perfect vegetarian meal for these cold winter days!

    Hearty healthy shakshuka

    New Year calls for fresh starts. And while I don’t believe in drastic change, I think that a slight amelioration is just what we might all need. So for me, it’s getting back on track with my three healthy, feeling and all vegetarian dinners per week. Though between you and me, I hope to add […] Read more…