• parenting tips versus parenting intuition

    Parenting tips versus parenting intuition

    We live in a society that dreams about constant improvement and growth, in a society where efficiency has become the measure of success.┬áParenting has become a wildly discussed subject and┬áparenting advises are often in line with this approach of the efficiency, statistics growth and passing developmental stages faster and better! When my girls where babies, […] Read more…

  • How to teach kids to share, naturally, without the drama, and making it fun. Simple parenting tricks that work!

    How to teach kids to share

    I really believe that teaching kids to share is also encouraging them to help each other and cooperate. That in fact, it’s about teaching them to work together, to play together and to respect each other. And it’s also helping them to figure out how to fight and how to make up after. And that […] Read more…


  • free winter prints to print at home, free calligraphy quote printable, winter printable

    Free winter prints to print at home

    You might not now it, but I really love changing decor around my home, and I love updating prints and pillows above all! I just feel like every time I do so, my entire home looks different, and I feel much better in the space that changes with the seasons. And since I really love […] Read more…

  • how to transform your bedroom for guests

    How to transform your bedroom for guests

    We live quite far from many of our family members, and so every month or two we have a visitor coming over for a couple of nights. Our home is rather small, and there’s no real guest room to host our guests, so sometimes we’d simply prepare our own bedroom for them to sleep in! […] Read more…


  • If recently you haven't been feeling well, and you feel like there's jut too much problems around, you miht be stressed, simply worried or anxious. Here are some simple ways to tell which one is it, and how to cope. #selfhelp

    Are you worried, stressed or anxious?

    We all know that being a parent is a very stressful job. We worry about these little humans from the very minute thy are born, sometimes even before they are born. There’s so may occasions to stress about: the feeding, the sleep or the lack of it, their development and safety. And so no wonder […] Read more…

  • As a busy mom you're always putting yourself last, but let's face it, you can't pour from an empty cup! Here are 7 great tips to help you find your self-care routine that works! #momlife #selfcare #motherhood

    How to find your self-care routine-tips for busy moms

    I used to have a pretty good self-care routine. That is, before I had kids. I would take care of my body, and my mind, read tons of books, educate myself on cultural novelties, see friends regularly and even use a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream: daily! And here I am […] Read more…

Sweet tooth

  • Overnight maple chia oats, simple and healthy breakfast, kids approved!

    Overnight maple chia oats

    You know what I love about Mondays? The overnight maple oatmeal chia pudding waiting for me in the fridge! It’s my secret for those busy mornings when everyone slept a bit too long and nobody is in the good mood. And since it’s both a heathy and easy breakfast, as a super yummy one, I […] Read more…

  • No bake chocolate cheesecake , with pecan crust and peppermint topping, amazing and so easy to make festive dessert!

    No bake chocolate cheesecake

    Festive gatherings call for delicious desserts, and what’s better than a rich chocolate cheesecake with a pecan crust, a dollop of whipped cream, and a topping of chocolate fudge cookie and a peppermint candy? I can’t imagine anything better than this! And, you’ll love the fact that this treat is actuality an easy to put […] Read more…

Dinner & lunch ideas

  • This hearty shakshuka is a perfect vegetarian meal for these cold winter days!

    Hearty healthy shakshuka

    New Year calls for fresh starts. And while I don’t believe in drastic change, I think that a slight amelioration is just what we might all need. So for me, it’s getting back on track with my three healthy, feeling and all vegetarian dinners per week. Though between you and me, I hope to add […] Read more…

  • This roasted pepper and peanut squash easy soup is so easy to make, so healthy and so full of flavor! It's my new family favorite! #soup #healthy

    Roasted pepper and peanut squash soup

    I think that making soups is one of the best things about cooking in the fall. And squash soups are my absolute favorite! Honestly, this roasted pepper and peanut squash soup is my new busy week time saver! Today I tried a new squash, the Delicata squash, called also the peanut squash. It’s sweeter then […] Read more…


  • why cork bags are my new favorite style staple, and where to get them

    3 things you didn’t know about cork bags

    Recently I was finding myself in front of my closet full of clothes and accessories, with an overwhelming feeling to have nothing to wear. A closet full of items bought on sale and online, without trying them on, of spontaneous finds and of trendy yet already out of style pieces. A wardrobe full of bad […] Read more…

  • this gingerbread cake is a perfect winter dessert,so easy to make with this one simple hack!

    Waiting for The Gingerbread Cake

    One of my most important family traditions that I want to pass on my kids, is the importance of festive food that you do only for the special occasions and the holidays. So every year for Christmas I bake the traditional Polish cake: Piernink. And every year right before Christmas Eve, my daughters and I […] Read more…