• What to pack, how to prepare, and all the tips you need for a fun family camping! ( even if it's your first time camping with kids!) All the tips you need for successful camping with kids! What to pack, and how to make it as easy and fun as possible!

    Lazy moms guide to camping with kids

    Here is the truth, I don’t really like camping all that much, and that’s exactly why I have prepared this guide to camping with kids! Because I learned that by making it simpler and more comfortable, I start to mind less bugs and public bathrooms and appreciate more forest hikes, and canoeing on the lake. […] Read more…

  • If you're having a picky eater or if you're worried you might have one, here are tried and tested tips on getting rid of the picky eating and raising a little foodie! #motherhood #parenting

    How to raise a foodie: 10 simple tips.

    From the very first minutes of motherhood, feeding is one of the most important issues. It can bring joy or anxiety, it can be a bliss or a battle. Whether you’ve breastfeed or bottle-feed, you know exactly what you’ve been through, the good and the bad. Probably everyone around you had an opinion on how […] Read more…


  • As a busy mom you're always putting yourself last, but let's face it, you can't pour from an empty cup! Here are 7 great tips to help you find your self-care routine that works! #momlife #selfcare #motherhood

    How to find your self-care routine-tips for busy moms

    I used to have a pretty good self-care routine. That is, before I had kids. I would take care of my body, and my mind, read tons of books, educate myself on cultural novelties, see friends regularly and even use a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream: daily! And here I am […] Read more…

  • Even if you try your best, some days you just don't have the energy to play, so edits you raise your voice and yell, and then you feel guilty about it. How to deal with the mommy guilt, great tips for moms! #parentingtips #motherhood

    How to deal with the mommy guilt

    Even if you try your best, some days are just tough, and then the mommy guilt takes over. I know you’ve been there. The days of love and laughter and cuddles. And kids misbehaving and the overwhelming feeling of almost loosing it. The days where frustration is mixed with happiness, where pride is mixed with […] Read more…

Sweet tooth

  • These are hands down, the best home made ice cream ever! Creamy and smooth, made with real mascarpone cheese and sprinkled with chock eye chips!

    Tiramisu no churn ice cream

    I guess it’s official now, I’m totally and completely addicted to making home-made ice cream, and these tiramisu no-churn ice cream are nothing short from perfection! And after making ice cream all summer long, I think that I should seriously consider openig an ice-cream boutique one day! Especially since summer is slowly reaching towards the […] Read more…

  • These chocolate peanut energy balls are the perfect little bites to boost your energy and nourish your cravings. The best chocolate peanut healthy energy balls out there!

    Chocolate peanut healthy energy balls

    Are these little bites of chocolate peanut energy balls packed with oatmeal, chia seeds and almond meal ? Yes! Are they amazingly chocolaty ? Yes! Are they full of natural peanut butter and healthy proteins ? Oh yes! Are they soft yet crunchy? Double yes! I could probably go on and on about how I […] Read more…

Dinner & lunch ideas

  • This vegetarian curry is so full of flavor and texture, while being healthy, comforting and so easy to make! Definitely a family favorite!

    Easy vegetarian curry, that even a meat lover will love!

    Sometimes, even in the middle of a summer, all I really crave are some creamy, wonderfully flavorful veggies served over a Nan bread or a bowl of quinoa, and this easy vegetarian curry is my favorite! Especially now, when my vegetable backyard garden is full of zucchini, and the cauliflowers are fresh and crunchy, this […] Read more…

  • This is the most delicious creamy salmon pasta ever! Also, it's really easy to make ! #pasta #salmon

    Baked salmon and kale creamy pasta

    While my kids love pasta and could eat all day, every day, I really love my greens! And so this baked salmon and kale creamy pasta is probably one of the most loved meals around here, perfectly marring together the oh-so-creamy pasta with the lovely green crunch! Also, it’s a perfect busy weekday meal. I […] Read more…


  • Enjoy your patio living to the fullest this summer! Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks for entertanig, organazing and decorationg your patio this summer!, !

    Patio tips and tricks that you need to try this summer!

    One of my biggest pleasures of summer is spending time outside with my family and friends, watching the kids play, and so I’ve decided to round up by best patio tips and tricks to help you enjoy the same easy summer entertaining as I do! Because summer is for enjoying the outdoor living and meeting […] Read more…

  • adding character to kids bedroom

    3 simple ways for adding character to kids bedroom

    When I was redoing my girls shared bedroom, I was sure I wanted their furniture and wall colour to be neutral and calm, so I wouldn’t have to redecorate and change the furniture anytime soon. I decided for all white classical style, thinking of it as my first layer of decoration, the layer that’s there […] Read more…

Kids activities

  • How to show to small kids what's recycling and reusing is really all about.

    Teaching kids how to recycle and reuse

    We all recycle paper and plastic and glass in our homes. We all know how important it is to reduce the waste and reuse old objects. Thanks to my city’s initiative I even do compost. But I realized that my kids don’t really understand the very essence of recycling nor they understand why we do […] Read more…

  • Valentine's day card that your child can really make!

    Valentine’s day card, that your child can make on its own!

    Valentine’s day is approaching, and I know you’re hungry for new ideas! Remember how I was writing about paying attention to not overstimulate our kids? And guided crafting was one of the things to look at? So, I’m happy to say, that this craft is equally a fruit of unguided creativity, and of a guided […] Read more…

Inspired by others

  • perfect mom bag

    Perfect mom bag

    I was looking a long time for a perfect mom bag. The type to fit it all : endless snacks,wipes , change of clothes for my both daughters, water bottle and a sippy cup, a couple of toys for a long car drive and my own belongings of course! My girls are out of diapers […] Read more…

  • How to entertain a bunch when generations mix!

    Family entertainment for mixed generations

    It’s hard to find games that every member of the family will enjoy; kids may like ones that require you to be active, like charades, while grandparents may prefer a board game instead. Family reunions and gatherings in general require cross-generational entertainment that will interest everyone, and while there may be a bunch of creative […] Read more…