• How to teach kids to share, naturally, without the drama, and making it fun. Simple parenting tricks that work!

    How to teach kids to share

    I really believe that teaching kids to share is also encouraging them to help each other and cooperate. That in fact, it’s about teaching them to work together, to play together and to respect each other. And it’s also helping them to figure out how to fight and how to make up after. And that […] Read more…

  • 3 best tips that have saved my sanity while parenting a strong willed ( stubborn and determined ) child!

    3 tips for parenting a strong willed child

    As a mom of a stubborn and determined – aka strong-willed – little girl, I get to practice my patience daily, stretch it and finally pick my battles over and over again. Because parenting a strong-willed child, isn’t like regular parenting. It’s dealing with a child who’s more determined, more active and often more emotional […] Read more…


  • How to make a small space feel bigger

    How to make a small space feel bigger

    We live in a rather small house. As soon as you get in, there’s a small entry way and the kids playroom is just on the right, and the living room on the left. And our entry way space, aside of being boring, used to be such a mess. But lately, I was craving change, […] Read more…

  • Simple ideas for Christmas living room decoration

    Christmas living room makover

    As much as I love Christmas – I’m the first one to sing Christmas songs, and I don’t even get a tiny bit annoyed with festive decor just after Halloween – I also believe that Christmas is more than just a big Christmas tree and gift shopping. I believe that it’s simply about being close […] Read more…


  • If recently you haven't been feeling well, and you feel like there's jut too much problems around, you miht be stressed, simply worried or anxious. Here are some simple ways to tell which one is it, and how to cope. #selfhelp

    Are you worried, stressed or anxious?

    We all know that being a parent is a very stressful job. We worry about these little humans from the very minute thy are born, sometimes even before they are born. There’s so may occasions to stress about: the feeding, the sleep or the lack of it, their development and safety. And so no wonder […] Read more…

  • As a busy mom you're always putting yourself last, but let's face it, you can't pour from an empty cup! Here are 7 great tips to help you find your self-care routine that works! #momlife #selfcare #motherhood

    How to find your self-care routine-tips for busy moms

    I used to have a pretty good self-care routine. That is, before I had kids. I would take care of my body, and my mind, read tons of books, educate myself on cultural novelties, see friends regularly and even use a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream: daily! And here I am […] Read more…

Sweet tooth

  • Peppermint and white chocolate sugar cookie

    Peppermint and white chocolate sugar cookie

    Who doesn’t like some delicious festive cookies to munch on, while dressing up the Christmas tree? Or organizing a cookie swap party? Or gifting friends and family with a batch of home-made goodness? Nobody, right? So today I have these Peppermint and White Chocolate Sugar Cookie recipe for you, perfect for all of the above! […] Read more…

  • Easy and puffy soft sugar cookies recipe , so delicious and uncomplicated! And once frosted with this vanilla cream cheese frosting, they simply melt in your mouth!

    Holiday soft sugar cookies

    What I love the most about winter weekends, is that we can stay in our pajamas all day and bake cookies together. And one of my favorite recipes is this one here, for perfectly puffy and delicious holiday soft sugar cookies! These cookies are melting in your mouth, so easy to make, and frosted with […] Read more…

Dinner & lunch ideas

  • This roasted pepper and peanut squash easy soup is so easy to make, so healthy and so full of flavor! It's my new family favorite! #soup #healthy

    Roasted pepper and peanut squash soup

    I think that making soups is one of the best things about cooking in the fall. And squash soups are my absolute favorite! Honestly, this roasted pepper and peanut squash soup is my new busy week time saver! Today I tried a new squash, the Delicata squash, called also the peanut squash. It’s sweeter then […] Read more…

  • this amazing pasta dish is perfect for a busy weeknight dinner, as it's so fast to put together! Creamy, garlicky and cheesy, will satisfy everyone around the table! #pasta #easydinner

    Easy creamy Parmesan chicken pasta

    I’m so happy that the weather is finally cooling down, as it lets me cook more, and enjoy the comfort food once again! And this easy creamy Parmesan chicken pasta, is so good, that you’ll want to make it over and over again! And, since it’s full of fresh tomatoes and peppers, it’s actually on […] Read more…


  • Mommy and me party outfits on a budget

    Mommy and me party outfits on a budget

    December for our family means family gatherings, Christmas parties and festive dinners! So many special occasions to dress up! And lately, I just love it when both my daughters and me, we mach together with coordinated outfits! But since I think it’s really important to stay budget savvy at this time of a year, I […] Read more…

  • Great ideas for stocking stuffers for entire family, on a bugdet and all biught in one place! Great time and money saver for Christmas!

    Stocking stuffers for entire family

    Every year it’s the same struggle: the Christmas shopping! While some love any excuse to spend money and shop, for others it’s manly stress and trouble. And the socking stuffers tend to be one of the most difficult to shop for. Especially if you want to stay in a budget! But while I’m usually in […] Read more…