• parenting tips

    Parenting mantra for the days you’re in doubt.

    Gone are the days when my anxieties consisted of the choice between the bottle feed-breast feed or both. Gone are the struggles of potty training and the terrible twos meltdowns. I’m pretty ok with how my kids share their toys, how they play independently and how they sleep through the night. They learned ro talk […] Read more…

  • Double standards in parenting

    Double standards in parenting: moms versus dads.

    Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? The double parenting standards, moms versus dads comparisons and the social expectations. Lately, while talking with my mom friends, we often get back on the same topic; the struggle of working/caring for our kids and the distribution of responsibilities with our spouses. Now, before I […] Read more…


  • resolutions and reflections for a mindful start of the year

    Resolutions and reflections for a mindful start of the year

    The New Year, a magical time when we make our resolutions – aka we indulge in a lot of wishful thinking! We plan to diametrically change our habits and our lives, only to feel defeated and down after two weeks- when all of our resolutions fade and the real life, with our old habits kicks […] Read more…

  • start your mindful blog now- free workbook for bloggers influencers and creatives

    Start your mindful blog now

    It’s been over four years now that I started blogging: at first it was way to get out of melancholy. Then it turned in to hobby, and later to in to a creative job. It’s a way to share my passions, ideas and thoughts. And it’s been over two years now that I started partnering […] Read more…


  • 3 ways to save time in the school year- best tips that have saved my sanity during these busy months!

    3 ways to save time during the school year

    It’s been four months now since Lili started school and I must say, what a learning curve it has been! From good intentions, to hectic mornings, busy evenings and jelly sandwiches, we had our share of stress and adjustments to do! So today I want to share with you what I learned and what helped […] Read more…

  • must try party

    Kicking off the holiday season

    Cheers to the holidays! My favourite season is finally here, and this means hosting, gathering and entertaining! Also, all the yummy food, sparkly dresses and Christmas music! Though truth to be told, I haven’t been hosting much since we had our second daughter.. and she is four years old now.. You’re wondering why? Well, cooking […] Read more…


  • make electric fireplace look real

    How to make electric fireplace look real

    Winter is here, there’s no doubt about that. The days are shorter, sweater weather is in full swing and snow is slowly starting to fall. Some may rejoice, but for me it means one thing: it’s freezing outside so the sozy up season is starting! And what feels more cozy than curling up with a […] Read more…

  • christmas kitchen printables

    New Christmas Printables

    If you follow my blog for a while now then you know that I just love printables. I love pinning them on Pinterest, I love printing seasonal decor printables, I love the printable tags and printable activities for kids, and I just love printable quote prints. I love how easy and cheap seasonal decor is […] Read more…


  • Chocolate dipped sugar cookies

    Chocolate dipped sugar cookies

    Every year in early december me and my two daughters we bake cookies together. Some years we try new recipes, but in the end we always come back to my favourite classic: Polish sugar cookie recipe, that makes the best crunchy and buttery cookies in the world. And these cookies are best when dipped in […] Read more…

  • apple crumble coffee cake

    Apple crumble squares

    “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables As my favourite book character, Anne , me too I believe that October is a beautiful month, full of it’s own colours and flavours! And every October I rediscover my passion for baking and home making, and this […] Read more…


  • the best vegetarian chili, and so easy to make

    The best vegetarian chili

    One of the best dishes for cold and windy November evenings is chilli : it warms up and comforts like nothing else really! And one of my favourite recipes is this vegetarian chili! It has lots of texture and plenty of taste, leaves you full and satisfied and is perfect for meatless Mondays! Not to […] Read more…

  • Chicken zaatar pizza

    Chicken zaatar pizza

    Recently I have been obsessed with zaatar! I’ve been adding it almost everywhere, and ended up discovering the most delicious Chicken zaatar pizza ever! And believe me, it’s not an exaggeration! And if you still don’t know zaatar, then all you need to know is that it’s a middle eastern herb blend made of dried […] Read more…